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Using Good Judgement & Caution to Avoid Computer Viruses

How to avoid Computer Viruses

Being in the outsourced IT services business in the Thompson/Okanagan we tend to take IT security seriously! At the end of the day for the majority of our clients their data is their business and if they don't have their data they are in serious trouble! So we go the extra mile to ensure our client networks are secure (Robust Firewall, Anti-virus software, Anti-spam software, secure password policies, data back-up & disaster recovery plans).

But even with all of this protection it is difficult, if not impossible, to stop data loss if an employee RUNS or EXECUTES a virus! It is very common for hackers to attempt to infect your network data by way of an inbound email. These emails will usually look very, very legitimate and we are constantly being asked what to look for. I have recently discovered the following guide which I feel can be very helpful to identify possible virus/hacker risks to be aware and cautious of.

I would highly recommend you take a few minutes and read it over. I find it really helps you exercise good judgement which can sometimes be difficult to do in today's fast paced communications work environment.