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Office 365 for Non-Profit Organizations

Microsoft has finally released non-profit pricing on their line of Office 365 products. Microsoft has always had the availability of accessing special non-profit pricing on their licensing however up until to now this has been licensing for on-premise servers.                                       With the rapid adaptation of cloud services many managed IT service providers like CONNECT have moved away from on-premise based Microsoft Exchange Email servers and instead provide these services via Microsoft Office 365.

The problem, up until now, was that for large non-profit groups it still typically made more financial sense to continue to run on-premise exchange servers. Even after considering that they cost money to maintain and keep secure. The primary reason for this was due to the deep discounts provided by Microsoft on the ,server based, user licensing (Windows Server usel cals). Now with non-profit pricing for the Cloud based Office 365 suite of products non-profit organizations in the Thompson/Okanagan can share in the benefits of moving their exchange email to the Microsoft cloud. 

Office 365 Benefits for Organizations

  • Payments are recurring and users can be increased/decreased easily
  • Microsoft "add on" software such as Project and Sharepoint can be easily added and "plugged in" to your 365 account
  • Microsoft Cloud Exchange Servers have levels of security & anti-spam that simply cannot be matched by IT professionals working on on-premise exchange servers
  • Each user account comes with "OneDrive" shared cloud storage
  • Each user license can be deployed on up to 5 devices
  • Your Office software is always current

Compare Office 365 non-profit plans

As always in non-profit organizations there is a delicate balance between providing safe, secure, usable technology as well as keeping administrative costs to a minimum. CONNECT is very aware of this balance and will always work with our not for profit clients to attempt to achieve a quality IT user experience at an acceptable, budgeted price. We live, work and play in the Thompson/Okanagan.