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Leasing Communications Systems


Leasing is a great option for businesses that are aggressively expanding or making large capital expenditures and don't have funds set aside for required communications equipment. While making budgeting simple, and keeping costs consistent, leasing puts your business back in charge of its cash reserves!

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8 Reasons Companies Lease Equipment

  • Frees Working Capital Leasing provides a way to spread out the acquisition costs of the equipment over a specified period of time, freeing up your capital to use it where you get your best return: in operating your business.
  • Overcomes Budget Limitations Instead of being bound to the limits of your reserves or lines of credit, leasing provides an easy means of obtaining necessary equipment without breaking the bank with a lump sum.
  • Provides Tax Advantages Leasing provides, depending on the circumstance, up to a 100% tax deductible operating expense. Consult your accountant regarding the nature of deductions for your situation.
  • Preserve Lines of Credit Leasing provides another source of credit to preserve your operating lines for what they are intended, not equipment acquisition.
  • Simplifies Budgeting & Provides Accurate Cost Projections Leasing provides a set monthly payment that enables easy cash flow and expense budgeting.
  • Gives Inflation Advantages Leasing provides an inflation advantage. Instead of buying with today's dollars then depreciating equipment with tomorrow's eroded dollars, you reverse the process. You have the use of today's expensive equipment, but your payments are made in dollars that will have decreased in value.
  • Allows You to Stay Current with Technology & Avoid Obsolescence Leasing provides a way to help reduce obsolescence and keep you current with technology through equipment upgrades.
  • Provides Flexibility Leasing provides options. You can stretch your payments over a varying period of time. You can arrange flexible payment options to meet your business cycle. You have your choice for options at the end of your lease. Your options range from retaining the equipment at no penalty to renewed terms or trading equipment up to more current models.

Leasing Rates

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