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Small Businesses level playing field through use of a Hosted Telephone System


In today's more global business world, small businesses must be able to find ways to compete with large, multi-million dollar businesses. For the last few years there has been a rising trend in the small business world, and that is the use of a hosted telephone system. As technology advances, so do the benefits of these virtual offices. said, “There's no hardware. You can give an extension to that sales guy in Tupelo, Miss., and he'll get his calls directly or sent to him any number of ways.

For companies that do not have customers walking in the door, a hosted telephone system can actual help reduce overhead. A small business could eliminate the need for maintaining a formal office. Administrative staff can work from home using the internet to access the company server, and when the customer or client calls, they would have the option of choosing to connect with a service representative or with office staff, the business sets programs the system for their needs. Some systems have the ability to set up queues for calls and even transfer between extensions or outside lines. These systems can be simple or complex.

Hosted PBX

A small business can provide a complete internet driven PBX system using an existing phone number, or have the option of adding a toll free or international number. Additionally, most of these systems provide digital fax, email, both video and audio conferencing, and the ability to program multiple extensions. Phone calls can be routed directly to voice-mail or they can be programmed to reroute to a cell phone or land line.

Hosted PBX and Phone System

Beyond the typical hosted PBX system, there is the complete hosted telephone system. Through advancements in technology, with the use of the internet, and without the added expense of special equipment, a small business can have a professional phone system that provides not only the hosted PBX, but also a telephone system. The hosted telephone system is making communication easier and more affordable.

With this advanced technology, small businesses have the ability to level the playing field, without investing thousands of dollars in equipment and phone systems. With the services hosted PBX and the hosted telephone system provide, a small business can have a professional image and even give the impression that it is larger than it is, without all the expense of a complex phone system.