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4 Things For Businesses To Consider When Technology Shopping


Just as employees and services are essential to the success of a small business, the inner-workings are equally as important. Telephone systems, servers, backup methods, unified communications systems, and other technologies are an imperative piece of an organization’s running. Telecommunications needs for small businesses generally focus on the following segments: mobility & ease of staying connected, increasing innovation while decreasing cost, security & reliability, and disaster recovery.



From email to telephone systems, businesses need to be available for their employees and customers. Many providers offer a range of solutions that can be tailored to a business’ specific needs. Ideally, these providers’ websites should be able to walk a potential customer through the optimal solutions best suited to their individual needs Unified communications services tie into the need for accessible mobility. Internet capabilities and wireless connections should be carefully considered, as often there are numerous competitors within a single market, which drives better pricing with the right research. Increasing Innovation While Decreasing Cost. Unified communications services (UC) integrate things like instant messaging, video conferencing, and unified messaging to enhance the accessibility of communication. UC allows the delivery of information in multiple forms, based on the availability of the recipient. For example, a voice mail may be retrieved through email or via chat, depending on the recipient’s availability.

Security & Reliability

The idea of intrusion, whether electronically or physically, is a terrifying thought for the small business owner. Virus protection and firewall software is a basic necessity for internal protection while closed-circuit television (CCTV) can be an essential watchdog elsewhere. One of the great things about CCTV is that small business owners are likely to find an affordable local company that provides CCTV services, so the money can stay in the community and support other small businesses.

Disaster Recovery

Maintaining safeguards so a business is not vulnerable to power outages and potentially damaging events is vital. Even with minimal resources and IT knowledge, backing up day-to-day data off-site assures that small businesses do not experience devastating losses. Cloud-based services are definitely an option to consider. This option not only allows for easy backup, but the accessibility is optimal, as mobile devices and computers make sharing and getting to the data simple. Many communications companies these days are becoming well-versed in cloud-based offerings that can be tailored to a small business’ specific needs and can assist with the learning process along the way. Small business owners work hard starting, running and growing their businesses. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations but as a business owner you have to be always thinking of increasing your employee productivity and ensuring business continuity!