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The Potential Of Cloud-Based PBX Systems

More and more companies are moving to the cloud for data storage and service synchronization across multiple devices. Rather than utilizing local storage and taking on the costs and risks of server maintenance, cloud-based systems are a way to enjoy the same (and in many cases better) functionality while forgoing the responsibility of maintaining server infrastructure.

Cloud based PBX is a great way to allow employees to work from anywhere, without being tethered to the office. Requiring only one IP enabled telephone handset connected to a data link, the rest of the work and "heavy lifting" is handled by remote servers in a state of the art data centre. This allows on the go employees to be completely connected to the existing telephone system without worrying about connection or compatibility issues. By using a proxy hosted PBX, mobile employees are just as connected to an existing office phone system as sedentary ones.

Not only does cloud based PBX allow complete interconnection and unified communications regardless of location, it also introduces new functionality which accompanies the digital aspect of the technology. We support auto attendant, conference calling and voice mail to email, among many other useful features. And all of this works from any Softphone device with an Internet connection, anywhere. These new features which come with IP enabled telephone systems are also compatible for on the go employees using the hosted PBX service.

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The mobility and flexibility offered by hosted PBX greatly increases productivity for businesses that need the freedom to have full access to their office phone system while on the go. It is an extremely useful * telephone system solution* that can drastically change the way your mobile business operates.

The new hosted phone system is completely compatible with all of your pre-existing IP enabled telephone equipment. Any business headsets which are already a part of your system will work with the hosted PBX system as well. Using an off-site telephone service in Penticton, Kelowna and Vernon with external servers is also beneficial because any necessary infrastructure additions in the future will be handled at our servers, without any worries on the customer's part. Our servers are staffed with knowledgeable experts who keep all of our hosted telephone systems in great condition to handle large amounts of traffic and calls, and who actively optimize all of our telephone system solutions.

For example, if your business has an auto attendant system (automated answering machine), a line that would normally be forwarded to phone located on the premises can now be forwarded to a mobile employee with a Softphone. This functionality is just one of the ways hosted PBX can integrate on the go employees into your existing business telephone system. And this integration happens without any changes to the existing phone system; all you need is an Internet connection and an IP enabled telephone handset. The rest of the work is handled at our state of the art servers.