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Okanagan Telephone/Connect IT awarded contract for Four Points Kelowna


  Okanagan Telephone and Connect IT are proud to announce that they have been awarded the contract to provide all Voice, Data and IT support services for the new Four Points Property at the Kelowna Airport.

The property will utilize the new Sheridan Four Points "Converged Network" standard. This starts with a state of the art optical fiber network backbone with category 6 network cabling on each individul floor. Building on this will be managed layer 2/3 core switching that will deploy a unique Vlan for all IT services. Voice, Admin Data, Guest Wireless, CCTV, Access Control and HVAC control. The benefits of having one data infrastructure on which all of your communication services run are many. Security, Support and Control to name but a few.


The IPPBX Telephone System selected will be the NEC SV8300 server and the guest endpoints will be cordless IPSIP phones. NEC has been a hospitality platform of choice for more than two decades.

As for the guest wireless Ruckus has been selected and will provide an "Internet Experience" unlike anything else currently available in the Okanagan Valley. A "High Quality" wireless solution was identified at the onset of the project as an absolute necessity. The chosen Ruckus solution is specifically designed to handle this type of Hospitality request. The system has been engineered to handle as many as 300 simultaneous high definition Netflix downloads!

The project is currently currently transitioning from backbone infrastructure to hardware/software onsite deployment as construction is moving quickly with a scheduled opening date of June 2013.

Okanagan Telephone and Connect IT would like to congratulate Argus Properties and their construction/management team on building what is soon becoming a fantastic new hospitality property! 

Living in Penticton I am really looking forward to this new Hotel with it's close proximity to the Kelowna Airport. There has been many a time I have left my house at 4:00AM for an early morning flight and now I have the option to get a good night's rest and take a 2 minute shuttle over for my flight!

Check out the Hotel website for more information on the progress.