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NEC Releases "Meeting Center" all in one Collaboration Solution


Audio conferencing has been around for decades and still is heavily used in business. Video conferencing, although a newer technology, has also been in existance for some time. What about real time Desktop sharing? Add instant messaging into the mix, combine all 4 technologies and what you have is a commercial solution such as "Go to Meeting". How would you like to have all of this capability contained within your Communication System? Well NEC is predicting that a lot of businesses will and have just announced the release of their "Meeting Center". NEC Meeting Center (NMC) is a secure, premised-based solution that encourages collaboration, lowers expenses and enables you with the ability to send mass notifications. It provides Meet-Me audio conferencing, Dial-Out Firebar conferencing, web and video collaboration and mass notification all in one comprehensive solution, alleviating the need and expense of deploying multiple unique applications from multiple vendors.

Everything is neatly contained on a blade style server that will interface directly into any NEC SV8100 Communication system. If you have the need for Audio/Video conferencing, Desktop sharing/Collaboration and/or outbound mass notification this solution from NEC is telling a compelling story. Take a look what you are currently paying for these services on a monthly basic or consider the benefits of an informed sales team in your office. Might be worth consideration.