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Latest Trend Voicemail-to-text


Voicemail Transcription gives you the ability to read your voicemail rather than listening to the actual message. Your voicemail message is converted by transcribing software from voice to text then emailed or texted directly to you!

Is this something that's going to really take off and have a lot of demand in the business community? Good Question. At first I would have said "not likely" as we are already getting bombarded by both a flashing message light on our office desk phone along with an email in our in box with that same voice mail attached via a .wav file.

It was not until sitting in a large conference when I finally got it! I'm sure we can all picture 30 or 40 busy business executives trying to pay attention to the presenter but of course at the same time checking and responding to emails and texts, because lord help us if we don't reply instantly! That is a fact of business today, we are expected to be constantly connected. But what about voice mails?


Take the same conference and introduce "voicemail-to-text". Now you can read your voice mail messages instead of listening to them. Without this feature you are like everyone else who heads out into the foyer at break time to retrieve messages and return phone calls. With it and you can be the first one in the food line.

Don't get me wrong, I personally think modern communication is getting crazy, especially if you consider that it is a proven fact that we cannot multi-task - even though we all try and think we can! If your texting your not listening, if your listening your not focused on texting.

Even with that said I have a feeling that voicemail-to-text will soon become a main-steam offer from most communications companies and Telephone System providers. This technology is already well entrenched with Cellular providers as they are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves and increase your monthly plan. This and the fact that they appear to have unlimited R&D budgets. As for the technology I have tried a sampling of software and have found most to be OK at best. Expect to not always read the voice mail and interpret it the same as you would if you listened to the message. Software that correctly interprets intonation is still somewhere off in the future!