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Importance of Quality WiFi Communications in your Hotel/Motel

Guest WiFi is vitally important at your Hotel!

Important information for all Hospitality owners/managers

99% of your guests are carrying devices that support WiFi and the majority of these guests will be connecting to your "Free" WiFi network. In addition to this there are a growing number of your guests who will be connecting multiple devices. Gone are the days of carrying only a laptop, now your guests expect to seamlessly connect Laptops, Smartphones, PDA's and Tablets.

They expect these connections to be "easy" and they expect the Internet connection to be "Fast". And of course they expect this to all be included in the price of the room. A few examples of what your guests are using your network for:

  • Checking in a social media
  • Looking up events/restaurants in the city
  • Watching NetFlix
  • Facetiming
  • Watching YouTube

If you are the owner of a 100 room Hotel and you are full for the weekend it is likely you will have in excess of 200 devices connected to your Wireless Network! In order to properly handle this type of capacity you need both high quality network components at your property along with an Internet connection of adequate speed/bandwidth to handle all of this traffic. To be very clear you require BOTH of these. You cannot cheap out on either one and expect things to work properly. If you do not have this in place I suspect you already know it because those phones in the rooms that previously were used to make revenue generating calls are now being used to call down to the front desk to COMPLAIN about the wireless service. The astute, technical traveller will actually do more than complain. Depending on their requirement for Internet they may ask for their money back and simply check out and move on!

Not all Wireless Network Equipment is the same:

We all know the saying "you get what you pay for" right? Well when it comes to Wireless network hardware for your Hospitality Comminications system this really holds true. Using the same 100 room Hotel example from above if you think you can go to your local electronics store and buy a consumer grade wireless router and a few access points and think you are done you are in for a guest experience nightmare! Any type of wireless network going into a hotel needs to be robust and that simply put means more that just providing "full signal". You might not want to even know about some of the features you should have but what you do want is for your system to just simply work. Features like:

  • Network Isolation- You NEED privacy between users
  • Controller based system- Most guests will expect to be able to move around the property without having to reconnect
  • Processing power- Simply put your guests do not want to be disconnected because your system is overloaded
  • Ease of connection- Yout guests are expecting to attept to connect to the Internet, enter in their provided password, accept your terms and conditions. Thats it!

    Okanagan Telephone/Connect IT is a proud provider or the "Ruckus" line of Wireless Netwoking products and have completed dozens of successful hospitality installations. Pleas contact us if you would like more information.