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Express 5800 series


Support for the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 product family

Up to 1.5TB of high speed DDR4 memory

Up to 32TB of internal storage

8 PCIe slots

Agent-less management with EXPRESSCOPE Engine 3


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fault tolerant 99.999 uptime


Achieving near-zero downtime is for mission-critical businesses that cannot afford a single moment of failure. NEC Fault Tolerant (FT) servers provide an innovative solution to address planned and unplanned downtime for your most important applications.

The FT servers deliver exceptional uptime through dual modular hardware redundancy and help maximize your business outcomes. The servers provide continuous availability through hardware redundancy in all components: Processors, memory, motherboards, I/O, hard disk drives, and cooling fans.


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SAN/NAS storage 


NEC Storage M series, a storage family consists of All Flash Storages and Hybrid Storages, has always been a robust SAN system rich in functionality that maximizes the productivity of virtualized and cloud environments. 

Now it has expanded its lineup to include NAS Gateway enabling all models to support both SAN (block data access) and NAS (file data access) and converged multi-protocol host interfaces.


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